Achoti (Sister) – for Women in Israel was founded by feminist social activists who recognized the need to set topics of social justice at the center of the public discourse and to enhance women’s solidarity with women from disempowered socioeconomic classes. Achoti is a Mizrahi feminist organization based on the principles that established Feminism of Color, which address the needs of women who are not a part of society’s social hegemonic culture. The Achoti Movement is a pioneer in the work of setting an alternative agenda within Israel and facilitates nationwide grassroots projects with the explicit goal of supporting cooperatives of women in unique and innovative strategies of income generation. Through Achoti’s empowerment strategies, economically disadvantaged women are encouraged to develop self-organizational skills, organize community cooperatives and/or partnerships, and develop new and creative ways of earning money. Achoti addresses issues of economic rights and social justice of women and gives priority to the development of strategies to respond to the escalating economic crisis. Women suffer disproportionately from the deepening of the recession and the rise of unemployment in Israel. Achoti’s target population consists of women ranging in ages from 19-75 from disadvantaged and low-income communities in the cultural and geographic peripheries across Israel. Achoti supports groups of non-working and underemployed women on the margins of Israeli society, in their endeavors for economic dependence and the development of business partnerships. Achoti believes that once all women have means and access to practical and theoretical resources, then women will be able to self-empower themselves and become strong leaders within their families, community and society as a whole. Achoti offers cooperatives, courses, lectures, workshops to build upon the women’s already exiting skills and transform their ‘domestic skills’ into profitable trades and products. Through these empowerment strategies economically disadvantaged women are encouraged to develop self-organizational skills, organize community cooperatives and/or partnerships, and develop new and creative ways of earning money. In addition, Achoti's agenda is tailored to the unique-cultural context in Israeli society by celebrating the diversity of Israeli women from different cultures and origins. This alternative type of initiative offers a socio-economic option for women within Israel, by not only formulating an alternative type of feminist economic model, but by influencing the existing structure.

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station was built in the area, lowering the status of the neighborhood even further and making a vast impact on the personal safety of the residents. In recent years, the area has also become a center for foreign workers and refugees, adding further problems to an already difficult neighborhood. The main victims of this situation are women and children, who suffer the consequences on a daily basis. Violent attacks against women in Neve Sha'anan have become a daily event. Women live in constant fear and many are afraid to leave the house alone for fear of being attacked. Achoti House is a unique and novel model, which combines a rights center, an educational center and a cultural center. It is a safe-haven for women from various ethnical backgrounds including Mizrahi, Palestinian, Ethiopian women, Political Refugees, Working immigrants who suffer from social marginalization, systematic discrimination and violence. The Achoti House in South Tel Aviv, serves as a multi-cultural information and aid center, providing support to women from various backgrounds and enabling them to engage in dialogue on many levels. Women residing in the neighborhood of Neve Sha'anan in particular and South Tel Aviv in general suffer violence, exploitation and abuse on a daily basis. Continued neglect on behalf of the authorities has turned the area into a center of criminal activity, such as trafficking in women, drug dealing, brothels, violence and burglary.